Cornerstone Church is a covenantal body of believers, who share life together. In short, we are a family. We take this designation by God very seriously. We are committed to real relationships, and we recognize that the fundamental human relationship is the family.

From our corporate worship services to our smaller group activities Cornerstone  Church is committed to being the family which God has made us, as well as, honoring the families which make up our church.

Therefore we do not over-inflate ourselves with programs that run families ragged.  That is not to say that we do not offer programs and activities, like our Children’s and Adult ministries. But, we would much rather encourage you to spend more time around your family table enjoying one another’s company, and engaging in Christian hospitality toward your neighbors, which is the primary form of evangelism. This is why we worship and meet the way we do.

Our desire is to encourage families to be all God wants them to be, since the strength of the church is dependent upon the strength of individual families.

While we believe the ideal family involves two loving, godly parents, we do not consider single-parent families inferior to traditional, nuclear families.  We understand that many people find themselves raising children without the help of a spouse for a variety of reasons beyond their control, and we embrace these families.

We recognize the added burdens involved in raising children alone, and believe God has called us to come alongside single parents in an effort to lighten their load wherever possible. And we know that this can only be successfully done in the context of the whole life of the church family.

Cornerstone is a family made up of the individual families in our congregation. Our responsibility is to bring glory to our “Heavenly Father” in how He has fit us together in Jesus Christ.